sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2009

Rozz Williams - The Whorse's Mouth

Artista: Rozz Williams
Álbum: The Whorse's Mouth
Ano: 1997
País: Estados Unidos
Site: Rozznet

01. Temptation
02. Life Is But A Dream
03. Raped
04. Who's In Charge Here (Beneath The Triumph Of Shadows)
05. A Fire Of Uncommon Velocity
06. Her Only Sin
07. Interlude
08. A Brother Of Low Degree
09. Dear Skin
10. Maggot Drain
11. Dec. 30, 1334
12. Best Of The Breed

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paul disse...

Hi Paulo, I just discovered your blog today googling and I think is very good ;)
Please, can you help me to identify this very obscure and awesome track (batcave style)?

TrackThank you and all the best.