sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2009

Bloody Dead And Sexy - Narcotic Room

Artista: Bloody Dead And Sexy
álbum: Narcotic Room
Ano: 2005
País: Alemanha
Site: MySpace

01. A Friend In Mescalin
02. Sweet Is Evil
03. Cheeks
04. Slow
05. 4th Coma
06. The Crystal Clear
07. Narcotic Room
08. Suitcase Men
09. Around & Around
10. Find A Clean Needle
11. My Secret Gardener

Bonus CD:
01. Monstartanz (Feat. Annette Benjamin)
02. Hey Ho Armageddon, Twice As Evil As Sugar (Feat. Stevyn Grey)
03. A Friend In Mescalin (Demo Modestie)
04. The Crystal Clear (Demo Decadente)
05. Some Of This

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