sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

Naughty Zombies - Lost Songs

Artista: Naughty Zombies
Álbum: Lost Songs
Ano: 2010
Pais: Espanha
Site: MySpace

01. Vas A Ser Mi Esclavo
02. El Baile De La Muerte
03. Hospital
04. I Hate You
05. Psiquiatrico
06. Absolution
07. Nuclear

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Santi disse...

Hi Paulo, I wanna thank you your effort in your support of deathrock, post-punk and the other genres of dark music, but specially I wanna thank you the support of the Spanish music with groups like Naughty Zombies, Eyaculacion post-mortem, El Ultimo Eslabon or La Peste Negra

thank you a lot.

Greetings from Spain