quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

The Cemetary Girlz - Smoke My Brain

Artista: The Cemetary Girlz
Álbum: Smoke My Brain
Ano: 2009
País: França
Site: MySpace

01. Sarabanda Part I
02. Sarabanda Part II
03. Death Has Tasted Blood
04. Reflection?
05. Regrets
06. Chimères
07. Sleeping Screams
08. Broken Teeth
09. Trash Spirit
10. I Got You (Under My Skin)
11. La Morte
12. Le Masque/Le Visage
13. I Was Born... (To Be Cold)

2 comentários:

Slow Pulse Girl disse...

Hey there,
I don't want to be an Asshole, you do have an awesome Blog here, but we have friends in this Bands, and sales of this CD is how they pay their rent, so it would be cool if you could take the link down.
Please Support the Band, you can get the Album at:

- the nightmare deviants

Anônimo disse...

You are an asshole, the wider the band is known, the better. Without free music, I'd not know 90% of bands I'm listening to and go to concerts. From the cd's sale the band does not get much money, apart from the concerts. So... lern the economy.