quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

The Spookshow - Psychosexual Chapter 1

Artista: The Spookshow
Álbum: Psychosexual Chapter 1
Ano: 2005
País: Suécia
Site: Site Oficial, MySpace

01. I Can Kill You In A Heartbeat My Dear
02. Attack Me From Behind Tonight
03. Tonight Is The Night
04. With My Own Hands
05. I Don't Wanna But I Do
06. Send Me An Angel
07. A Good Day To Die On
08. Ghoulsnight
09. Lord Take Away The Sorrow
10. I Sold Your Soul To The Devil
11. A Bloody Knife On Your Bloody Body
12. Bring Out Your Dead
13. Stab Me
14. I See Dead People

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